Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Meall nam Fuaran 805m (Corbett Top) - Map 52 NN 826 362. Thursday 4 May 2017

Wednesday 3 May was my first day on the hills since coming out of hospital a couple weeks or so ago and we enjoyed a well known circuit in the Ochils. All things considered I felt pretty fit so on Thursday we took the familiar road to Amulree, our objective Meall nam Fuaran, a Corbett Top although we were unaware of this at the time.

Parking is pretty limited along the single track road by Loch Freuchie but the Yeti fitted nicley on the grass verge a short distance beyond the start of the walk at Croftmill where 'Beater's Bothy' signals that you are entering grouse country.

Looking back to Loch Freuchie
With oyster catchers and curlew to distract us we found ourselves off route. Never mind, a few minutes through deep heather and we'd be back on the track. Maybe not.

Quite a surprise!
The track ended at these islands of peat and we followed the rim of the eastern corrie over grass and heather for a short distance before turning west through hags for the summit cairn. Here I picked up a comment on a previous post from Gayle ( but it was too windy and cold to attempt a reply.

Our original plan was to pick up the track which descends to Glen Shervie, but a direct route by a burn provided a more pleasant (and shorter) way down and not far above the Glenshervie Burn we found an ideal spot for late lunch with good views up the glen. The track in Glen Shervie climbs NW to the 817m summit of Carn Bad an Fhraoich and continues over two Corbett Tops (Meall nan Eanchainn, 858m and Sron a' Chaoineidh, 870m) the Corbett being Creagan na Beinne at 880m). The last of these we did many years ago before 'Corbett Tops' existed as a list so a plan is forming! [Note: we now know that Meall nam Fuaran has another Corbett Top - the North Top at 797m]. The plan has just gained several kilometres.

Lynne on the pleasant descent
Reluctantly we left our sunny hollow and after a kilometre's walk down the glen we joined the path to Glen Lochan - part of the Rob Roy Way as it happens.

The path in Glen Lochan

Looking back to the hills beyond Auchnafree

Once in the narrow pass formed by the steep slopes of Meall nam Fuaran and Beinn na Gainimh the wind strength increased significantly, the funneling effect quite dramatic and sudden. The glen is well named with two small, dried-out lochans being passed before we reached the larger Lochan Uaine.

Lochan Uaine

All too soon we reached the flats and Lochan a' Mhuilinn. A hare still in winter coat darted here and there; another lay dead.

Lochan a' Mhuilinn

We enjoyed a final stop in the lee of the fishing hut for the last of the tea before returning to Croftmill and the car. What a day. A day I could not have imagined just a few weeks before.

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  1. Back out on the hills with a vengeance, Gibson; good to see. Small boats, moored at remote lochsides, seems to be a particularly Scottish thing; we have seen it elsewhere, but not in anything like the same numbers.

    I wonder if anybody ever 'borrows' them for a spin? We have seen them with the oars stashed in the bottom on occasions.

  2. Thanks Dave. Small boats moored at lochsides is, I agree, a very Scottish thing. The sound of boats with outboard motors always reminds me of the west coast. Although the photograph doesn't show the choppiness of the water well, any boat out on the lochan would have been quickly blown to the SW shore or capsized.

    Incidentally, even with a Wordpress account I still can't comment on your blog. I might delete the account and open another. Try, try try again.

  3. Welcome back to the hills. True Scottish flavour jumps out at me whilst i breakfast and look ruefully at the pot on my arm. Thanks for getting the day off to a bright start. I intend to walk a mile or two to the café in Milnthorpe for a lunchtime bacon butty - some contrast/

    1. Sir Hugh - I'm so glad I helped get your day off to a good start. You've often done the same for me and others. There's another post coming after yesterday's trip to a Graham on the south side of Loch Tay and I'll try to get a slideshow up on SmugMug. But first some chores.

      Enjoy your walk and butty.