Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Monday, 15 August 2016

iPhone 6s Plus pictures

Here on Sir Hugh's blog a 'lively debate' took place on the merits of the iPhone 6 or 6s's camera. AlanR then posted some iPhone pictures on his blog to demonstrate the quality of photographs which can be taken using the iPhone 6 - and very good they are too.

Over the summer I've used my recently acquired iPhone 6s Plus to snap the odd shot when I've not had my camera to hand so here is a selection. None have been edited and they were taken in a fairly casual manner.

Judge for yourselves!

St Andrews harbour

Telford's Bridge, Dunkeld

Mallaig harbour


Lord of the Glens leaves Armadale

Zoomed slightly


  1. They show how good the camera is on the 6s. No need for a dedicated compact with those results. Very nice.

    1. Hello Alan. Good though the iPhone pictures are I can't see me ever leaving my compact behind when on the hill, but for the sort of shots in this post the iPhone is superb. The 6s Plus does have image stabilisation which helps no doubt, although I've nothing with which to make a direct comparison. All that said, if I forgot my camera and had the iPhone with me I wouldn't be turning back to get the camera!

  2. I agree that the iPhone camera is superb but two advantages of a compact are (a) optical zoom and (b) ability to shoot in RAW. I think high-end compacts will survive for these reasons but cheap ones will simply disappear

    1. Hi Ian. My Sony RX100 has both optical zoom and the ability to shoot RAW. The zoom I do use (I disable the digital zoom facility) but in my case I don't find using RAW then editing gives noticeably better results than shooting on Fine. That may of course be my fault and the editing software is fairly basic - Sony's own.

      I think you are right about the denise of cheap compacts, particularly since the cameras on iPhone and others will only get better and better. I think it was rumoured that the iPhone7 will have optical zoom.

    2. I agree with you Gibson. I have tried RAW photography and came to the conclusion that I just cannot be bothered with it. What I find a bit strange is that it is used mainly on top end cameras where you would expect top end results without needing RAW manipulation.
      I suppose if photography is your main hobby and you have loads of time to spend then I guess it's worth playing around with.
      As for the iPhone 6s, the camera is much better than the 6. So I am expecting even better with the 7.
      Have look at Olloclip if it's new to you.