Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Berghaus windshirt

There's an interesting discussion on windshirts on Martin Rye's blog and The Odyssee talks about an old jacket on his blog.

So here is a combination of both these things: a picture of my ancient Berghaus windshirt made from their own Airfoil fabric. It has survived some rough use rock climbing as well as during backpacking trips and is still perfectly serviceable. It's not very waterproof even when treated, a bit on the baggy side, weighs about 185g, is about 25 years old I guess, has a hood and packs into its own pocket which, incidentally, is just large enough for an OS Map.

I have trousers from the same material but hardly ever use them, mainly because the legs have no zips for easy on and off over boots or trail shoes.

Not bad gear for it's time I think - can't imagine it ever wearing out.

Monday, 14 June 2010

More wind turbine proposals

Chris Townsend reveals three more planning applications for wind turbines (one in NW Sutherland, one in the Lammermuir Hills and one in Wales.) All very depressing. Chris also gives a link to the John Muir Trust's site where a full objection to the Sutherland proposal can be read.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A short trip to Loch Leven

The Loch Leven Nature Reserve is an easy drive from home and although our visits are generally confined to the winter months

     November on Loch Leven

a recent balmy summer afternoon found us strolling along the 12.5km Hertitage Trail, linking Kinross and the RSPB Reserve at Vane Farm.

The Reserve with its range of wildlife, including tens of thousands of breeding and wintering birds, has a number of hides constructed on stilts above the water but they have recently been removed following structural damage from shifting ice during the severe winter. It's hoped to have them rebuilt by August.

        The hide has gone      

The sky was full of swifts and a few geese were scattered along the shores; after the heavy rain and wind over night, the Yellow Irises were flagging a bit.

Followers of this blog will know that we have been unable to get away to the hills since April - something that has never happened (ever) before - and short walks like those around Loch Leven have been brief, but refreshing, outings.

Things are looking up though and, if the last of the proofs of Lynne's book arrive today, we should be heading for Rum and its delectable ridge, Knoydart and Sutherland - soon-ish. Mind you, these sort of hopes have been constant companions throughout May and the first half of June!

Unfortunately I'm not mobile blogging having been too busy to get organised. Maybe before the next trip.

Loch Leven - in the past a home to monks, scene of great curling tournaments and the imprisonment and escape of a queen.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Moy Estate raided

Police have raided the Moy Estate near Inverness following the discovery of poisoned birds of prey in the area. Several red kites had been killed and a grouse carcass had tested positive for an illegal poison.

Forty five investigators including 25 police officers, SSPCA and RSPB staff, wildlife conservation officers and SNH staff took part in the raid.

RSPB Scotland reported that one of the dead kites had been among a number of birds of prey which had been satellite tagged for a school project called 'Eyes to the Skies'. The signal, which was being tracked on the internet, stopped moving and this raised suspicions. (Source: BBC Scotland News)

Anyone found guilty of this appalling act should receive the harshest sentence available.

Later this year Carbon Free Developments are due to submit an application to erect 55 wind turbines on Moy no doubt bringing substantial financial reward to the owner of the estate, if, as seems likely, it is approved.