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June 2015

Monday, 15 August 2016

iPhone 6s Plus pictures

Here on Sir Hugh's blog a 'lively debate' took place on the merits of the iPhone 6 or 6s's camera. AlanR then posted some iPhone pictures on his blog to demonstrate the quality of photographs which can be taken using the iPhone 6 - and very good they are too.

Over the summer I've used my recently acquired iPhone 6s Plus to snap the odd shot when I've not had my camera to hand so here is a selection. None have been edited and they were taken in a fairly casual manner.

Judge for yourselves!

St Andrews harbour

Telford's Bridge, Dunkeld

Mallaig harbour


Lord of the Glens leaves Armadale

Zoomed slightly

Thursday, 2 June 2016

30 May - Rum

An Sgurr as we approach Eigg on our way to Rum. More later when (if) the signal improves.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Friday 27 May - Meall Onfhaidh 681m Graham

We asked permission to park the motorcaravan by a cottage since the small car park at Fassfern had a height barrier. These are now quite common in the Highlands, partly to prevent 'travellers' from setting up camp but also to stop some motorcaravanners, too mean to pay for a site, staying overnight. As usual, the few ruin things for the many.

The initial part of the walk up Gleann Suileag through native woodland provided a pleasing interlude with a cuckoo for company, before the bulldozed roads materialised. Construction of a hydro scheme is underway. A lorry trundled its way up a newly established highway in a cloud of dust to what looked like a site car park. Say the words 'hydro' or 'wind' and anything goes in Scotland.

We pushed on to Glen Sulaig bothy and up the path to the Allt Fionn Doire for a stop and some tea below Meall a' Phubuill. A straightforward but steepening ascent then took us onto the broad south-east ridge and fine walking on crisp moss to the summit. Gulvain was grey on this sunless day, the first of the trip, and the Nevis range never lost its cloud cover.

We returned the same way eventually stopping back in the glen at a convenient seat by the An t-Suileag for more refreshments, only to be driven away by the midges.

Thoughts have now turned to Rum so Lynne is busy buying a few supplies in The Fort. All being well we sail on Monday.

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