Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Some lovely weather

 Well no. Not really.

Path west to Commonedge Hill and, looking east...

The path to Seamab Hill above Muckhart

Nevertheless, a happy Lynne, muscle mended, is on a summit again at last!

It's just as dismal today, so we're off for a walk round Loch Leven and thoughts of spring, not to say summer sunshine will just have to do for now.

Summer in Skye - Loch Dunvegan and Macleod's Tables - Healabhal Bheag (left) and Healabhal Mhor


  1. It's still good to be able to get out there; even on the worst of days. Long may we all be healthy enough to carry on with it (even if it does take a little longer as the years roll by).

  2. So it is Byeways, and I do actually enjoy being out in bad weather so long as it's not every day. There's always something of interest at ground level - often missed on fine days - if nothing can be seen otherwise. And there's always a chance things will improve.

    I try to get on the hill four or five times a week to keep fit and I take heart from a much older friend's exploits: at 78 he crossed from Corrie Hallie to Gruinard Bay taking in the two Deargs having driven 150 miles from his base that morning. A rest day followed and then he was out in the Glen Dessary hills! "What's the hurry anyway", he would say!

    Thanks for visiting.