Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Monday, 30 May 2011

Wind Prospect plans Burnfoot Wind Power Station extension.

Wind Prospect's Plans.
Blue area - Clackmannanshire, Green - Perth and Kinross.
Black dots - current turbines.

Wind Prospect which built the 13-turbine Burnfoot Wind Power Station now wish to apply to build another 22 turbines as shown on the above map. If granted, they have 'promised' that they will not submit any future applications for turbines 'in the immediate area'. How good of them.

Burnfoot should never have been approved and Wind Prospect have clearly adopted the now common strategy of obtaining approval for a relatively small number of turbines then applying for extensions at a later date.

If this new development is approved, the Ochils are really on their way to becoming one big wind power station.


  1. We need to get the message to the local communities that accept the "incentives" from the wind turbine power plants that we will not be returning to spend our money in their area, so their incomes will drop. B&B's & hotels and pubs & shops will suffer and make their voices heard that wind farms will be costing them money.

    I am planning my next TGO crossing to avoid all areas that have accepted wind power plants and will be writing to the local papers in those areas that I will be avoiding to tell them so.

  2. Hi Alan

    I agree in principle but how will you know the community 'accepted' the "incentives" as opposed to having fought hard against the development but got it anyway, as was the case near Aberfeldy? I suppose the number of objection letters written would be a guide or do you have a cunning plan to find out?!

    I think we should also ask outdoor gear shops where they stand on the issue of turbines. If not against - then no purchase.

    Might see on the Challenge next year if we are lucky in the draw. You certainly had an interesting crossing this year!