Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

BBC Panorama - Undercover Care

This post has nothing to do with hills - it's more important than that as Alan Sloman rightly says.

Please, please, if you didn't watch this programme last night watch it as soon as you can on the iPlayer. Be prepared to be shocked, disgusted and very, very angry. See also Shirl's blog.


  1. Thanks Gibson.
    This is so shocking. A real public fuss should be made to order a public enquiry as to why they did not respond to the warnings THREE times! What sort of guardian agency is that?

  2. Hi Alan

    A useless, incompetent one I think. Most regulatory bodies are I reckon. Public enquiry definitely needed.

    When I was a student I worked regularly during 4 summers at a hospital which cared for people who had suffered brain damage at birth or through an accident. I worked with four different Charge Nurses and they would have eaten staff alive if they as much as looked at patients the wrong way. In truth though, nobody I worked with ever showed the slightest tendency to abuse patients.

    Where have such professionals gone? Just look at the thugs employed by this appalling company.

    I see that four people have been arrested and bailed. Only four? Looked like all of them should have been arrested to me.

  3. I was livid about this - commented on BG's blog about it. I would love to know the extent of the police investigation and whether prosecutions were properly brought. I was deeply upset as a member of my family is mentally handicapped and living with permanent carers. Sometimes, I cannot quite believe people are capable of such atrocious behaviour and then I see something like this...

  4. Hi Maz

    There have been arrests and I'm sure prosecutions will follow. Whether the punishments will be severe enough for these thugs is a different matter.