Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Keen Targhee II Walking Shoe


Dark Shadow/Harvest Gold


I first bought a pair of these shoes in March this year and have been so pleased with them that I’ve just bought another pair from Webtogs. My first Targhee IIs were Mid boots bought in 2008 and although extremely comfortable, the eVent membrane was useless and I repeatedly had to use Super Glue to fix the grey ‘caps’ on the sole.

The new KEEN.DRY membrane is much more effective and overall construction seems to be better – the shoe feels sturdier. The old Targhees were a bit skittery on wet rock and grass but these new ones have coped well on a variety of terrain in, mostly, very wet weather. I can’t explain this because the sole doesn’t look very different from the 2008 version except maybe it’s a little more aggressive.

I’d have no hesitation in using these shoes on a long backpacking trip and plan to do just that next May. Now though, a local walk - in the rain as usual.

This second pair cost £47.50 from Webtogs - that’s half-price in a summer sale.

Approx 490g per shoe


  1. "I’d have no hesitation in using these shoes on a long backpacking trip and plan to do just that next May.".....

    Thinking of the TGO Challenge? Go on - you know you want to....

  2. Hi Gibson; is the toe-box reasonably generous on Keen footwear? Width fitting is the bane of my life when choosing shoes or boots.

    The price of Inov8s seems to have gone through the roof in the two or three places where I can source them locally.

  3. Alan - I think about it every year and have done so since it was the Ultimate Challenge! In the early years it was impossible to get time off work in May and we had dogs (Border Collies).

    Now with those restrictions removed the later start date is always a tad *too* late to fit in with other plans - but maybe, just maybe this could be the year. It would be lovely to meet you and others that I know from the blogs - I met Jean Turner in the Ochils, of all places, a few weeks ago!

    Unfortunately, I'm likely to have hand surgery early next year so I'm not sure pre-booking a trip is wise, and I may not know the exact date until applications for the Challenge have closed.

    Byeways - I would say that the toe-box is very generous and it's one of the features that I like. My Inov8 Flyrocs lasted no more than 200 miles so I'm not going there again. The service at Webtogs is superb by the way.

  4. I have never had a pair of Keen's but i know quite a few who like them. A good price too.
    I would say they are a bit heavy for me, i like to stick at around 350gr. when they are dry.
    I am surprised that your Fly's didn't do too well, my Roclite 320's are still going well with around 350 miles under the sole. I prefer these over my Carns now. Webtogs are good.

  5. Yes they are on the heavy side for shoes Alan, but that doesn't worry me really. Lynne got another pair of the Mids at £50 which she prefers to the shoes (any shoes)! Great savings at Webtogs. The Flyrocs have a hole in the sole which is very disappointing.

  6. I should say Alan, that for places like the Cuillin Ridge, Flyrocs or your Roclites would be my choice, although they wouldn't last very long!

  7. I can understand Lynne’s sentiments. Sometimes i think of getting a mid pair. The trouble is that nobody makes a pair of unlined mids.
    I rather fancy the new Inov-8 - 390’s if i was to plunge in.

    As for the Cuillin ridge a helicopter beats any shoes. (I havn’t done it all)

  8. I'm very happy with the Keens, Gibson. I reviewed them for Webtogs here.
    Since then they have remained my everyday footwear and are proving to be more durable than their HI-TEC predecessors.

  9. Good value for money. Arch support is good and fit is generous for a wider foot. A sturdy shoe which performs well.