Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Saturday, 5 April 2014

3 April - an easy day

Murky, murky morning but signs of a clearance. It was humid or 'close' as I said to a small party later in the day. Don't think they knew what I was talking about. Would anyone out there have understood?

It was mid-afternoon before vague sunshine was detected - a slight feeling of warmth rather than actually seeing sun, just as we arrived at Scar Crags having returned from Causey Pike. Another walker stopped briefly - he was 'doing the Wainwrights' - and why not? He was obviously enjoying his day out and heading for Outerside and Barrow, we for the path down to Rigg Beck and 'home'.

Note: the photo was taken today descending Blaeberry Fell (today) though the BlackBerry does not do justice to the rainbow and has no relevance to the day described! Don't ask! BlogPress and the BB are not behaving at present so posts are brief to minimise my frustration.

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