Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Monday, 26 May 2014

23 May - green birch, Blackwater


There are several obvious and popular ways out of Kinlochleven for the backpacker or day walker; all pass through interesting country.

Today we took the path on the north side of the River Leven to Blackwater Reservoir. Reminiscent of the Nevis gorge in places, we strolled through the seemingly endless birchwoods before gaining open ground by Dubh Lochan some two hours after leaving this friendliest of villages. It could be argued that the route lacks variety - birch and oak dominate - but with the sun shining through the fresh foliage, waterfalls sometimes heard but not seen, and the cuckoo for company, you'd be hard pressed not to enjoy every step. A good bridge crosses the Allt na h-Eilde but only the remains of one exists at, I think, (my mind was elsewhere) the Allt Coire na Duibhe. A tree trunk arches over the waters by accident or design, but no such aid was required on this trip and in any case it would be a precarious means of crossing.

There is no access across the dam, or so a sign says, but this was ignored by cyclists coming from the opposite side. I expect this is normal: "My reading isn't very good", another walker, part of a duo plus dog on their way to visit 'the graves', commented.

We returned by our outward route being vastly superior (in my view) to track on the other side of the Leven. It had been a pleasant day but my heart belongs to the heights and exploring the corries, so tomorrow we are for the tops.

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AlanR said...

I've often wondered if it was possible to cross that dam. Up until now I have always given it a wide berth. Next time I go there I will cross it. Thanks for the info.