Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Saturday 6 June - Rain and more rain.

It is absolutely throwing it down today with high winds just to add to the drama. The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is being held at Aonach Mor this weekend but the morning training session had to postponed because of the conditions. The site is packed, partly because of this event.

Supposedly things are looking better for next week with high pressure dominating. I'll believe it when I'm enjoying the sun on a hill and not before.

We took a forest walk this afternoon and as the photo shows the weather has 'improved'! Some West Highland Wayers looking wet and weary were heading into 'The Fort' and the end of their sojourn. The weather has not been kind to them at all - and it shows.

Before and over dinner we watched a wagtail feeding a youngster. It sat on the wooden fence in the rain, sometimes for ten minutes or longer, waiting patiently while mum went off to find food. This went on for over two hours. Occasionally the young wagtail would position itself closer to the fence post, for better shelter presumably, before resuming the wait for sustenance.

A sunny finish to the day (now Sunday!). A hill tomorrow.

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AlanR said...

Hasn't the weather been awful. Still, its a great place whatever the weather, you can still find enough to do. Its been warm which was a small mercy. We are back home now in the sun. Enjoy what you do next week.

Sir Hugh said...

I am toiling away down the country with a sweaty shirt stuck to my back and the sweat running into my eyes and thinking constantly about cool drinks, but your domain is really where my heart is. It was so uplifting to be back up there a few weeks ago.

May the sun soon shine upon you.

afootinthehills said...

Worst weather ever Alan but still good to be among such dramatic scenery and the conditions certainly made things interesting. We have enjoyed four days of glorious weather and today we are going to sit in the sun - like yesterday!

afootinthehills said...

Hello Conrad. We have been following you when possible and gather that finding good accommodation has been as challenging as the walk. At last we have stunning weather, with snow on the higher summits and in north facing gullies giving an alpine feel to the hills. Wonderful.