Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Monday, 5 September 2016

Friday 2 September - Morrone

As usual at this time of year, Braemar was bustling with visitors arriving for Saturday's Gathering, the games field a hive of activity as final preparations were made and sunshine had replaced the rain clouds over Morrone.

The fact that the route was familiar, the ascent having become a sort of annual event, did not detract in any way from our enjoyment. High up very heavy rain for half an hour or so meant wearing full waterproofs but that gave me a chance to test my new Montane Air Jacket made from Pertex Shield AP. When the rain passed I opened it up to find my mid layer wet at the front. I hope the wetness inside was as a result of my initial delay in fully zipping up the jacket because I'm sure it wasn't condensation.[Edit - it wasn't because of the initial delay, as two subsequent wearings showed. Awful jacket as far as 'waterproofness' is concerned]. We shall see, but the AquaGuard zips don't look as well sealed when closed than the ones on my ME Morpheus. I hope I've not made a mistake in not sticking with ME jackets which have never let me down. Somewhat perversely, I'm now hoping for a wet day to settle the question - any doubts and the jacket is going back.

We took the bulldozed track and left the windy summit, identifying various distant hills as we went. Lochnagar was luxuriating in sunshine while An Socach, Beinn Iutharn Mhor and the like lay under dark skies. Ptarmigan darted about and startled grouse occasionally exploded from the heather.

This is all wonderful country. It's good to be back.

Photo: From the lower slopes of Morrone towards

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  1. I've been to Braemar countless times, usually on the Great Outdoors Challenge, but this post made me stop in my tracks; I've never been up Morrone!

    I shall have to put this right in 2017.

  2. Hi Alan. I seem to have uploaded this post twice, probably because the useless WiFi on site gave the impression that the first attempt hadn't been successful.

    Morrone is a lovely wee hill giving great views - but do it from the village rather than by the bulldozed road which is fine for a descent. It's raining hard today!

  3. I'm forever deleting duplicated posts... And comments too.
    I hope the weather clears up for you Gibson.

  4. I'm forever deleting duplicated posts... And comments too.
    I hope the weather clears up for you Gibson.

  5. I couldn't possibly delete this post with your comments - duplicated of course - on it. That would be unforgivable :-)

    The now torrential rain is allowing me to exchange emails with Swaledale Outdoors regarding a refund for the Montane Air Jacket which I recently bought.

    I'm becoming increasingly irritated.

  6. Hi Gibson

    I had a problem with Scarp boots. I f you look at the post link below see the letter I sent which achieved a full refund. Use the link or look at the date on my blog.

    Key points were:

    1. That I was claiming "not fit for purpose" and NOT against a manufacturing fault.

    2. your claim MUST be against the original supplier, not the manufacturer. If you told them what your purpose for purchase was so much the better - they are obliged to advise you properly.

    3. There is some legal mumbo-jumbo that says they must reply in fourteen days, and I was advised to put that in the letter.

    TUESDAY, 23 JUNE 2015

    Lakeland Great Outdoors and Scarpa - thumbs up

  7. Hi again.

    Just looking back at my post I see you entered into the comments debate with gusto.

  8. Thanks for this Conrad. I remember your post well.
    I have had several email exchanges with the retailer pointing out that the jacket is "not fit for purpose" and that I don't care what Montane's lab tests find: the jacket does not working the field. I'm genuinely sorry to discover this because I like the jacket in every other way.

    To be fair Swaledale Outdoors have said they will sort it out.

  9. Interesting. Scarpa actually replaced some of Sue's boots that we, and the retailer, thought were just worn out, so I suppose it's worth trying (via the retailer). I like my Montane lite-speed jacket, albeit not waterproof, but old timers like this ought surely to be able to avoid going out in the rain?

  10. This old timer enjoys being out in the rain :-)

  11. Haha - it's hard to find any rain at present, but I must admit, you have a point, and I have a brolly!