Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Thursday, 11 March 2010

A day in The Lomonds and The Well at Scotlandwell

This is a fine little group of hills and it was time for a visit. Only a 15 minute drive from home, West and East Lomond and Bishop Hill rise above Loch Leven in Kinross-shire to 522m, 424m and c457m respectively and we were heading for the southernmost, Bishop Hill.

Loch Leven

It was pleasant walking in the warm sunshine, but a cold wind soon reminded that spring was firmly trapped on the lower slopes. Someone had been post-holing, probably the day before when the snow was soft, and we followed the thigh-deep holes until the hardening surface allowed us to escape them and choose our own line. The area is popular with hang-gliders and para-gliders; fixed-wing gliders are catapulted into the air above Loch Leven from nearby Portmoak airfield and we watched several thrust skyward before noticing a para-glider drifting above us.

Para-gliding above Bishop Hill

We crossed the wind-scoured undulating plateaux towards the top of Bishop Hill, our plan being to re-aquaint ourselves with 13m Carlin Maggie, turned to stone for challenging the Devil's authority.

 Towards Bishop Hill, centre

Carlin Maggie 

Lynne wanted to have a look at the 'Well' at Scotlandwell, so foregoing a descent into the Covenanter's Glen and a climb to West Lomond Hill, we retraced our steps for tea in the spring sunshine and a short walk to the village.

The Well at Scotlandwell

A Drinking Cup remains for those who feel in need of a cure.

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