Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Friday, 26 March 2010

Dunmaglass and Moy Estates - Wind Turbines

I've just heard that Highland Council planning committee have voted by six to two in favour of the erection of 33 wind turbines on the Dunmaglass Estate. The Cairngorm National Park Authority and The John Muir Trust opposed the application and 1556 letters of objection were received and 912 for.

Meanwhile Carbon Free Developments want to establish 55 turbines on the Moy Estate and will likely submit an application later this year. The developer will probably offer free or discounted power as a community benefit.

I'm afraid there is simply no stopping the march of these ineffective monstrosities across Scotland.


  1. I think these turbines are an absolute disgrace and are a complete eyesore. Nothing less than a polutant to places of natural beauty. Not only are they ugly but they are unreliable and inefficient. The governement has got their priorities all wrong with these.

  2. Thanks for dropping in.

    They certainly have got their priorities completely wrong, but unfortunately there is no stopping them now.

    The Beauly-Denny Powerline upgrade says it all.

  3. The Dunmaglass Estate has a pretty dreadful reputation - using their land agents (Bidwells) to intimidate walkers. They erected one of the first turbines on their land quite about ten years ago now.

    The writing was on the wall even then with these blighters.

    Their keepers use cruel traps to capture raptors and they bulldoze huge tracks across the Monadhliath with no regard for the wild land.

    They erected a new lodge ten or so years ago that appears to have been transplanted from Arabia - wholly not in keeping with the environment.

    They are completely and utterly unsuited as landowners in a precious mountain environment.

  4. Alan - Oh for more like van Vlissingen.

    Dunmaglass area is not one I'm in frequently, although I know that the estate is not particulary friendly to walkers. I'm appalled at what you tell me regarding their capture of raptors. Disgusting.

    We still have a Corbett to do there so I look forward to meeting them(!) - or I suppose we could pick it up on a Challenge! (oops, I've said it..)