Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Monday, 27 February 2012

Berghaus Mens Micro Stretch Half Zip Fleece from Simply Hike

My initial review of this fleece from Simply Hike Camping Equipment and Outdoor Clothing 
can be found here

-  I've now used this garment for two weeks on low level walks and on the hills although, because of the cold, wet and windy weather that has predominated, it has not been possible to wear it on its own over a base layer

- I could comfortably wear a buff under the collar when it was fully zipped. However the collar did not stand up as well as I would have liked when not zipped up, but this is really a minor point.

- when used on its own over a wicking base layer, I see no reason to suppose that the AT Micro fleece won't perform just as well as any other fabric used to manufacture this style of top; when worn this way the mesh-lined chest pocket will prove useful.

- I would certainly use this top on backpacking trips from April to October and, in winter, with suitable outer layers; I'll be taking it with me on a two week backpacking trip in May

- unlike other garments I've had, the elasticated hem and cuffs are not too tight.

- it has washed well

I'll add comments and a further review of this product when it has had more use.

At £40.45 from Simply Hike, such a well made product with its excellent fit is something of a bargain. It can be found on this page.

Note: I have no contractual relationship with Simply Hike and this review is totally independent of that Company.


  1. I suppose on this type of garment that it’s difficult to get a good fitting neck. When you consider the possible size differences between individuals it’s going to be pure luck that it suits you particularly.
    I expect it has to be try before you buy really.

  2. Hi Alan

    That's very true Alan and it also applies to the elasticated cuffs and hem I expect. All I can say is that it's the only half zip top I've got that will take a buff under the collar when fully zipped. That may not even be important to some people I guess. I always 'try before I buy' no matter what even the most respected reviewer says about clothing. So much is personal preference.

  3. Just a passing comment:- I used to use a buff but i tried a silk and also a micro fleece balaclava. The silk one was about £4
    and the Berghaus fleece was about £12. I made sure that i could get the face opening over my head and then i used it as a buff. They now serve as multi purpose items. Buff, balaclava and also fold into a bob hat (without the bob obviously). We have never gone back to using the buff.

    1. Very versatile Alan! I think buffs are over-rated, although Lynne has a 'winter' one which is half (might be quarter!) micro fleece which she likes. Balaclavas are great, even my old scratchy woollen ones!