Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January 2012–brief catch up (1)

14th January – Part of the Cadgers’ Yett.

Glen Quey (3)

A day of low cloud when layers were on and off at an irritating rate, except for my ME Astron hooded jacket (worn here) which has not disappointed. When I bought it I really envisaged wearing it from early spring to late autumn but it's proved to be very useful and flexible in the conditions we've had so far this winter. And, dare I say, I wouldn't be without the hood!

The whole of "the cadgers'", as I've always known it, runs from Auchterarder to Dollar but the section to Glen Devon via Borland Glen, the finest part of the walk in my opinion, has now been ruined by the turbines of Greenknowes Windfarm.


Why they can’t use the Scots word ‘Yett’ is beyond me.

15 January – a wander in the sun

There was a film of ice on the reservoirs in the early(ish) morning but the temperatures were climbing as we started to do likewise, up the grassy hills south of these waters.

Photograph below shows what for all the world looked like a torpedo streaking to its target. Of course it’s the refection of a jet’s vapour trail!

Reflection of jet


  1. I like the new header photo with the skis, Gibson. Makes me think I should pop down to the basement and dig out the old planks!

  2. Thanks Martin, and these are definitely 'old planks' (Better watch what I write in case the wearer of said planks reads this!).

    For about 25 years we spent the Christmas/New Year fortnight at Glenmore and invariably got masses of snow. This was taken on one of those occasions. Great times they were.

  3. Yes i agree with Martin. Smashing photo for the header. Never skied in my life though. Shame really.
    Any news on Grant Cunliffe? I am a bit behind with my reading so i hope it's good news.

  4. Thanks Alan. I've not heard or read anything about Grant since the rescue teams stood the search down, which is bad news really.

    You seem to be enjoying NZ - I'm just popping over to get the latest!