Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Smothered in 'outdoor shops' of varying quality, Keswick has lost most of its interest and character. [ Edit: this is way too harsh an assessment. It really is not fair at all!!]Even George Fisher's doesn't seem to be as well stocked as usual which might be driven by the economic climate, tighter controls by new owner Tiso or a combination of both.

So, home tomorrow after a thoroughly enjoyable holiday which included a day at the Beatrix Potter International Study Conference where a friend, and Keswick resident, gave a paper as scholarly as it was amusing; friends from the US whom we didn't expect to see there surprised us; and Lynne met Patron of The Beatrix Potter Society, Patricia Routledge, for the first time. But it's the days on the fells that were special.

If there is any summer left in Scotland we might manage a trip to Rum with the tent, but it will have to be fitted in between sorting out the garden and cutting the hedges. Oh, and I'll have to sort out the photographs.

Sir Hugh - AlanR has enlightened you before I could finish this post.

AlanR - thanks for the above. Resale? You must be joking! This is for self- medication only.

Thanks to both of you for your regular comments and company on this trip. I'll be catching up with your blogs next week to find out what you have been up to.

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Sir Hugh said...

As a Yorkshireman I am not familiar with Lancashire breweries, but I have just returned from Booths where I bought one bottle each of Holts Manchester Brown, Champion, and Hummdinger. I have reservations about the Brown, but I will give them all a try. My preference in beer is for a traditional bitter - Shepherd and Neame's Spitfire although from the south is a good one, but I really prefer a pint of good real ale bitter.

I am surprised at a Scotsman smuggling English beer back across the border - I thought they considered ale only as a necessary evil to make the malt spin out a bit more.

afootinthehills said...

You missed out the '1849' which is my favourite Sir Hugh. I also bought the Manchester Brown for the first time and, like you, have reservations. I'll note Shepherd and Neame's Spitfire for future reference.

Your suggestion in the second paragraph is outrageous. Neither beverage should be allowed to sully the other's delicate flavour. You should withdraw immediately sir!

Sir Hugh said...

Sorry. I thought I may be overstepping the mark a bit there, and I couldn't agree more with you. I have never understood the whisky and chaser thing, and would never drink the two together. I do enjoy a good malt when I think I can afford it.

I withdraw in fear of being challenged to claymores at dawn.

The 1849 was not on the shelf at Booths, Carnforth, but it is a dismal version of Booths. I will track it down in view of your recommendation. There is a new Booths store just built in Milnthorpe which will be opening in a couple of months, and I also go to Kirkby Lonsdale and Kendal. I Wikipediaed "1849" which was quite interesting - it gives you a day by day, month by month calendar of global events during the year, but I couldn't see anything that may hint at the reason for the name of the beer.

afootinthehills said...

Joseph Holt formed the company in 1849. I generally don't like beer brewed up here and for some reason our local Sainsburys doesn't stock anything from south of the border. Morrisons has a good stock but I'm not often in Perth these days.