Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Friday 12 September - Morrone in good weather

Apart from one ascent at the beginning of April 1988 when the weather was alpine, every other trip up Morrone had been in poor conditions. I suppose that's because in good conditions we've always wanted to do bigger things. That April ascent was an 'arrival day' climb which gave magnificent views of the hills we had planned for the week, was a Corbett, and looked superb in the snow and spring sunshine.

It was the start of an exceptional week when day after day we roamed snow clad hills on foot and ski. Thinking back, many of the slopes we crossed and climbed were avalanche prone, especially in the afternoon, with dripping cornices above and thigh- deep wet snow below. I recall a particularly worrying descent of Beinn Iutharn Mhor where with every downward step the snow moved slightly. To say we were very glad to be down and on our way back to Altanour hardly captures our sense of relief. I must dig out some slides when the darker nights arrive.

Today, steel structures were still being dismantled after last Saturday's Gathering as we walked through the Games field. It was hot, oh so very hot and we were glad of the shade among the birks. On the open hillside it was hard to believe that this was a September sun and not even at 859m did we find a cooling breeze. White clouds drifted and poured over and down Carn a' Gheoidhe and the Glas Maol.

Flies irritated at a stop for refreshments so we moved off and crossed to Carn na Drochaide, lazed around in the sun and now, in the gentle wind near the edge of a corrie, enjoyed lunch and absorbed the scene. Afterwards we wandered back and forth through the heather visiting various cairns for no particular reason.

A not-so-rapid descent to the road and along past the golf course brought us back into a bustling Braemar. A quick shop at the Co-op then back to the site. Somehow we'd clocked up 20km on our 'short' day.
A few beers were needed.

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    1. Alas no Alan although I did think about nipping in for a quick pint while Lynne was in the Co-op. Beer at the 'van.