Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Home and hoping for a NO vote

Well, that was an excellent trip with generally good weather, some very hot, some pleasantly cold but nearly always clear. The only serious rain was at The Gathering when it poured for a few hours before the sun shone to welcome the Queen!

I posted from the BlackBerry most days, largely for record purposes - I'd much rather read in the evenings really -  so the posts were fairly brief. Thanks to those who commented. I couldn't reply easily because although the WiFi on site improved, it was virtually impossible to publish comments.

Apart from days on the hills we went back to the Burn o' Vat at Muir of Dinnet and explored a bit more.

...and enjoyed a coffee or two at Braemar Mountain Sports cafe, The Bothy which opened last June. We didn't have breakfast so can't comment on that (their double Cappuccino was good) but it would be worth a look if you are on the TGO Challenge next year.

I expect we will get away again in October but for the moment it is the usual clearing up in the garden and elsewhere.

It's a big day here in Scotland tomorrow - just in case you don't know - and hope we vote to stay as part of the UK. I'll be very, very sad indeed if we leave.

I've posted some photographs here

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AlanR said...

I couldn’t possibly defect from the Old Bakery!
Which ever way the vote goes i hope its right for Scotland. What would annoy me, if say 51% say Yes and 49% say No, or visa versa, then its not a good majority to change a country so massively. Surely there should have been some kind of threshold where a minimum of 60% (say) of the nation needed to vote Yes for change to happen. Such a small margin as is predicted in the polls could result in much bad blood in the future.
Good luck anyway Gibson, but if it is YES, then i don’t know where all the money is going to come from to maintain the current std of living, never mind a better one, with having such a small population paying into the coffers.