Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Monday 25 May - Luib and a very easy day

We pulled into the small car park at Luib just off the 'new' A97 which hugs the shores of Loch Ainort.

By contrast the old road skirts the southern slopes of Am Meall giving fine views of Strath Mor before descending to the Allt Strollamus. Strath Mor had been our route into the hills many moons ago when heading for Beinn na Cro and others. Luib still had a cafe and a Folk Museum then.

We stopped above Strollamus had some tea and munchies, as Conrad would say - - then decided to climb the small hill immediately above us, Glas Bheinn Bheag, a mere bump on the way to Beinn na Cro. From its cairn, Bla Bheinn dominated the scene to the south, and the north ridge of Beinn na Caillich looked a worthwhile alternative to the usual (and excellent) approach from Strath Suardal.

A simple day. If there had still been a cafe at Luib we could have finished with tea in best Conrad tradition.

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  1. Finally got good internet. Oh what a shame we were so close. We could have arranged a brew stop. We were staying at Balmeanach. We are now soaking up the sun in Mellon Charles. We had hoped to go up Glamaig but we didn't get round to it. We were tour guided for Sheilas Aussie family as it was their first time to Skye.

    1. We also soaked up the sun on Saturday but back to rain and winds today. Shame we didn't manage to bump into you both. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.