Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Monday, 12 July 2010

Rum was not to be

We arrived on the west coast on a Saturday in glorious, if very windy, weather. Hopes were high for a trip to Rum. But.....sacks were packed the next day under dull and unpromising skies and a walk down to the beach revealed Rum (or rather didn't reveal Rum) in thick cloud. Our plan was to catch the first ferry on Monday, camp by Loch Scresort, enjoy a leisurely afternoon around Kinloch, traverse the Rum Cuillin the following day and sail back via Eigg on the third. It was obvious, however, that if the weather forecast were correct, as it had been for that day, we would spend much time on the ridge in thick cloud and sail back in mist and rain.

Of course we could have done all this but we wanted really clear weather to experience these wonderful hills on what might be our one and only visit.

Plans shelved, we were compensated by a wonderful sunset on the longest day and......

...there were other compensations in the form of cool beer outside 'van! 

 Some days later we had an interesting walk along the north shore of Loch Morar stopping to explore the ruin of The Chapel of Inverbeg - and out to the west, the Rum Cuillin were clear.............

                                     Chapel of Inverbeg ruins

A plaque tells that it was built by the people of Morar in 1780 following the return of the priest Ranald MacDonell from the Scots college in Spain.

                             Near Bracara on Loch Morar

We may not have gone to Rum, but it'll be there for another time. And we were heading north west.


  1. And there I was thinking it was going to be a sad story about a broken bottle of rum, that would have been hard to handle.
    Great images.

  2. I spent ten glorious days on that idyllic island back in the 60s with a friend of mine. We were the only visitors. It was early June with endless blue skies. We camped on the edge of Loch Scresort and visited every part. I was able to catch trout in a small loch in the hills above our campsite and we cooked them on driftwood fires on the beach. This will always be one of my outstanding memories from my outdoor activities.

  3. Le Loup - Sorry to have caused you angst re the 'broken' bottle of Rum. As if I would! Glad you liked the images.

  4. Sir Hugh - Your trip sounds idyllic and one we hope to emulate sometime. We have often watched Rum from Skye or elsewhere, sitting under blue skies, but have been unwilling to move lest the weather break just as we arrived in Mallaig!

    Have you read Archie Cameron's 'Bare Feet and Tackety Boots - A boyhood on the island of Rhum' ? It is published by Luath Press.

    Welcome as a 'Follower' by the way!