Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Stuc a' Chroin and Ben Vorich

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Scottish Event for Lynne's Book

Reading at the launch in Ambleside

It looks like a Scottish Event to 'launch' Lynne's book will take place, appropriately, in Birnam near Dunkeld in late October.


  1. Do you know Dunkeld and Birnam? Both smashing, and quite different, little places.

    Is the launch at The Arts Centre (or it might, thinking about it, be called The Birnam Institue)?

    Hope it goes well.

  2. Yes, we know both places very well having lived in Perthshire most of our lives. Lynne launched her translation into Scots of the Tale of Peter Rabbit (The Tale o Peter Kinnen) there in 2004 at The Birnam Institute.

    The Scots launch will be at the Institute although it's not shown on their programme as yet. The only reason it was done in the Lakes first was because the book was published during the Society's International Study Conference being held in Ambleside.

    Thanks for your interest and good wishes.

  3. We've stayed in Birnam a number of times over the years (Ladyhill Coach House, St Mary's Road, mostly). I used to wander across the bridge to Maclean's Irish bar for the odd Guinness.

    There's some nice evening walks on the Atholl land out towards Rottmell and Dowally. Thing I like best though is waiting in one of the hides at Loch of the Lowes for twilight and then darkness to fall.

  4. I should have said 'Scottish' launch, not 'Scots' launch! The book is in English!!


  5. Byeways - Yes the whole area is a gem, Beatrix Potter adored it and was hugely influenced by it - hence the book!

    Reading your blog I've often wondered if you are a writer.

    Thanks for your comments and interest.


  6. Lynne

    Sadly, no; the blog is as close as I get to writing. If I could have my time again I suppose there are some things I would do differently and some interests I would hope to discover a little earlier in life.

    However, since 90% of the population of the planet would probably consider my life to be extremely fortunate, I try to keep a sense of perspective about it all.